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Patrick Deltenre:
A very soulful guitarist. Great accompanist and excellent soloist. He embraced the mouth organ some 10 years ago (which he could practice in the car). 

Has a thorough understanding of the intrinsic melancholy of the instrument.

Eric Melaerts:
Accomplished guitarist with oodles of experience in the pop- and jazz scene. Would like to showcase the – somewhat forgotten – memory of Toots' years as a guitarist
Might not be a great singer, but he sure can whistle

Bart De Nolf:
Belgian Jazz icon on the double bass.
For almost 17 years Toots' go-to accompanist. Has many beautiful stories to tell about the Master. Feels that now is the time to bring musical tribute to his memory.

Bruno Castellucci:
What is there to tell? Famed and all round likable drummer. He and Toots were kindred spirits for nearly 40 years. 
Their experiences would make for a great book all on their own. Always there for & with Toots, Bruno too, has his share of stories to tell and anecdotes to share.


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